Neural Pathways in the Brain

Feeling stuck in an old way of thinking and / or behaving? There is a physiological reason for that. The behaviors we have learned since childhood have pathways in our brain–deep, well traveled ruts. That’s a good thing when it comes to things like walking, standing, and basic motor skills. The pathways present a challenge when you are ready to change a habit or behavior.

As Law of Attractions students and practitioners, you well know that every thing starts with a thought. So, repeating that new thought, an affirmation for example, will forge a new pathway. It is weak at first and can not compete with the deep ruts your neurons have been traveling over the past several decades. Consistency and repetition will create the new and path.

If weight loss is your intention, and the usual situation presents itself when you come home from work exhausted, be on the lookout for the old culprit thought: “Ahh, a cold beer, the sofa, TV……”  and you want to replace that with “Oooo, an energizing walk will get the endorphins circulating…” That’s why the experts tell you that you are going to have to repeat that for a good month or more. The good news is, you can do it, all by yourself, and it’s free.

Skeptical? Check out this video of actual neural pathways being formed.

Where’s your Vibe today? Blaze a new trail and crank it up a notch!